I’m a sound engineer and a musician.
I play bass and baritone guitar in COLLARS  and ORNAMENTS which is my main project.
i work as audio engineer at Vacuum Studio in Bologna .
feel free to contact me for studio works.

enry.baraldi (at) gmail (dot) com


Built in a barn in the countryside of Bologna, very close to the city centre, the studio is provided of analog and digital recording equipment (fully recapped Soundcraft 2400 console + Soundcraft 760 MKIII 24 tracks 2″, 3x Motu HD192 (36in 36out), Pro Tools Ultimate,vintage and modern outboard and microphones (Urei, Telefunken, Altec, Dbx, Drawmer, Neumann/Gefell, AKG, Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica, Sennheiser).
– Drumkits (Ludwig vintage, Drum Sound and more)
– Keyboards (Wurlitzer EP200, Farfisa, Korg, Elka) and an upright piano.
The 70 m² live room and two iso booths for amplifiers’ isolation make Vacuum the ideal studio for live recordings and the 25 m² control room is very comfortable and silent.

click here to see the complete list of equipment at your disposal

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