Ornaments: it’s the main band were i play.

Vacuum Studio: Built in a barn in the countryside of Bologna, very close to the city centre, the studio is provided of analog and digital recording equipment (fully recapped Soundcraft 2400 console + Soundcraft 760 MKIII 24 tracks 2″, 3x Motu HD192 (36in 36out), Pro Tools 10HD, Digital Performer 7.24),vintage and modern outboard and microphones (Urei, Telefunken, Altec, Dbx, Drawmer, Neumann/Gefell, AKG, Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica, Sennheiser).
– Drumkits (Ludwig vintage, Drum Sound, Mapex)
– Keyboards (Wurlitzer EP200, Farfisa, Korg, Elka) and an upright piano.
The 70 m² live room and two iso booths for amplifiers’ isolation make Vacuum the ideal studio for live recordings and the 25 m² control room is very comfortable and silent.

Sotto il Mare Recording StudiosLocated a few kilometers from the city of Verona, near the highway and the airport of Villafranca, the rooms of this studio is designed to have a natural sound and flexible acoustic;
excellent frequency response in every room you want to use.
Control room ready for Analog and/or Digital sessions.
MCI JH 556c – 56ch inline console with Jensen 115K mic input transformers, Studer A80 MKII 24ch tape machine, ProTools HD2 Accel 40in / 32out, plenty of analog outboard, B&W 805s monitors.
Great routing flexibility is ensured by 2 custom panels for connecting microphones /headphones /instruments and cabinets to the other recording spaces and control rooms.
Headphone monitoring system is a Hear Back 8ch personal mixer for every musician.

Magnitude LabsI Magnitude Labs sono un custom shop fin dall’inizio e non hanno la pretesa di fare produzione in serie ma pezzi unici personalizzati su ogni singolo musicista.

Indipendead:  Booking agency, events, show case, do it yourself, truly and pure.

Audio Brothers: Audio Brothers is the union of two professionals of the music industry who aim to create a high-quality and ethical network linked to the sound.
The core business is sound and all the aspects related to it, such as: recordings (studio & live recording, production, mixing, mastering, pre-production etc…), technical coordination of events (concerts, festivals, recitals, showcases, fashion events and more) and production of sounds libraries and new and exclusive music compositions for commercials, documentaries, films etc…
Audio Brothers is born in the summer of 2016 by a shared passion and a great friendship.