Vacuum Studio: Built in a barn in the countryside of Bologna, very close to the city centre, the studio is provided of analog and digital recording equipment (fully recapped Soundcraft 2400 console + Soundcraft 760 MKIII 24 tracks 2″, 3x Motu HD192 (36in 36out), Pro Tools 10HD, Digital Performer 7.24),vintage and modern outboard and microphones (Urei, Telefunken, Altec, Dbx, Drawmer, Neumann/Gefell, AKG, Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica, Sennheiser).
– Drumkits (Ludwig vintage, Drum Sound, Mapex)
– Keyboards (Wurlitzer EP200, Farfisa, Korg, Elka) and an upright piano.
The 70 m² live room and two iso booths for amplifiers’ isolation make Vacuum the ideal studio for live recordings and the 25 m² control room is very comfortable and silent.

Sotto il Mare Recording StudiosLocated a few kilometers from the city of Verona, near the highway and the airport of Villafranca, the rooms of this studio is designed to have a natural sound and flexible acoustic;
excellent frequency response in every room you want to use.
Control room ready for Analog and/or Digital sessions.
MCI JH 556c – 56ch inline console with Jensen 115K mic input transformers, Studer A80 MKII 24ch tape machine, ProTools HD2 Accel 40in / 32out, plenty of analog outboard, B&W 805s monitors.
Great routing flexibility is ensured by 2 custom panels for connecting microphones /headphones /instruments and cabinets to the other recording spaces and control rooms.
Headphone monitoring system is a Hear Back 8ch personal mixer for every musician.

Magnitude LabsI Magnitude Labs sono un custom shop fin dall’inizio e non hanno la pretesa di fare produzione in serie ma pezzi unici personalizzati su ogni singolo musicista.

 Cyclone Devices: è l’incontro tra la progettazione elettronica e l’interesse nella sperimentazione del suono. Si occupa della realizzazione di pedali effetto per chitarra e basso. In ultimo, ma non meno importante, fornisce al Cabot Cove l’assistenza necessaria per la buona manutenzione della strumentazione presente all’interno della struttura e l’assistenza diretta al cliente per la riparazione e customizzazione della propria strumentazione personale.